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About Us

Who We Are ?

ALWAN  since its establishment in 1991, became one of the industry leaders in the market here in the UAE. We are a well known name in the business that has years of experience in developing, fabricating and installing aluminium and glass using highly qualified and famous Aluminium Profile Systems. ALWAN  is shaped to meet the ever increasing demands by consulting and offering products based on customers’ needs in order to create the best quality products efficiently.

To concentrate on growth to be a leading manufacturing company that accompany customers with innovative products & services through highly motivated in house development team applying scientific management system and building powerful stakeholder relationships based on trust, to meet the new evolution in the UAE.

To be one of the leading organizations in Constructions, Building, Aluminium and glass fabrication, fixing and installation.

The company’s main strategy is providing high quality services to maintain a respectful business environment with its clients through:

♦ Sticking to the specification according to the agreement set by the consultant and supervised by the contractor.

♦ Providing high quality end products through a highly qualified staff.

♦ Respecting deadlines.

“Honesty, integrity, and loyalty…” Everybody within the company is treated equally regardless of background, gender, race, and religion. They adopted the “one company, one family” motto. Fair and ethical competition among the employees is encouraged. Hard work is also recognized and rewarded. Only honesty and integrity is tolerated in everything they do. Moreover, honesty is considered a very important value in the company as it is essential to keep their promises to meet the assigned project deadlines and specifications. “Our word is our bond.” We believe that the company has a good set of shared values that are well defined and understood by everybody in the company.

1. To maximize our profits and revenues throughout the year.

2. To be effective and efficient in all aspects regarding the fabrication process.

3. To maintain the company’s reputation: “Our word is our bond.”

4. To expand the company’s operations to reach other countries

5. To continue meeting deadlines

6. To continue providing clients with outstanding services and maintaining strong relationships with them.

7. To provide continuous training for employees.

♦ Provide outstanding quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

♦ Maintain a formal quality system meeting ISO 9001-2000 standards.

♦ Encourage an environment full of continuous development and problem avoidance.

♦ Associate employees in order to be able to improve the processes that affect their work.

♦ Encourage training and education and make them available to all employees.

♦ Make sure to deliver our mission and quality objectives to all employees.

♦ Develop relationships with our suppliers that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality, service and support.

♦ Provide an environment that supports teamwork.

The labour workers report verbally any problems to their direct supervisors. The supervisors then make a daily report on the work and submit it to the project management department. The project management department communicates the problems during their meetings to the other departments and submits a summary of the problems and the progress of the projects to the general manager. In Alwan, there is no direct communication between the labour workers and the top management due to its steeper organizational hierarchy.


It is the policy that all personnel working in Alwan Est. both employees and contractor, are committed to:

1. Pursue the goal of no harm to people.

2. Minimize the environmental impact of our operations by conserving natural resources, eliminating waste, reusing and recycling materials, and responsibly managing energy use.

3. Design workplaces and processes in ways that reduce risks to humans and environment impact.

4. Train, inform and inspire personnel to be committed, to participate and to be responsible in their HSE activities.

5. Promote an open and honest approach within the company and in relation to all customer and Vendors.

6. Comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the U.A.E related to HSE standards.

ALWAN ALUMINUM will periodically review and improve this policy, communicate it to all employees and Vendors.


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